Positive Power Selling

Positive Power Selling
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CsSeminars Workshop

Purpose: This series is designed to maximize participant productivity and create future positive growth!

  1. The “SUPER” Salesperson as a Human Being
    • Develop a love for sales through Positive Attitude, Enthusiasm, and Determination!
    • Discover the “Real You”.
    • Discover ways to make everyday a red letter day.
  2. Tapping into your “Creativity”
    • Learn to successfully read your clients communications
    • Turning a Looker into a Buyer
    • Learn how to sell a “Dead Horse”
    • Learn to be a “want creator”
  3. Closing the order NOW rather than LATER
    • Qualify, Clarify, and Solidify
    • How to ask the “right” questions.
    • Learn to negotiate UP
    • Understanding and using the “Control” Method
  4. Time Management and Goal Setting
    • Understanding Time Management as a minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day process
    • Learn the art of Goal Setting with a 95% success ratio.

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