Leadership vs Management

Leadership vs Management
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CsSeminars Workshop

Purpose: To help the participant define leadership, recognize and develop the skills and tools needed to achieve, and to make the commitment to take Positive Action!

  1. What is my responsibility as a leader? (3 hours)
    • Define Leadership
    • My responsibility as it relates to me
    • My responsibility as it relates to my co-workers
    • My responsibility as it relates to the whole company
  2. Getting and keeping only the “Best” people! (3 hours)
    • Avoiding the “Crisis” hire
    • Developing the art of open end questioning in the interview process
    • The fundamentals of how to critique those you are leading
    • How to use the “Triple T” process as a positive and effective leadership tool
  3. Communicating as an effective leader. (3 hours)
    • Learn the art of giving instructions
    • Developing your listening skills
    • Developing your verbal and non-verbal communication skills in both the listening (responding) and presenting modes.
  4. Increasing worker productivity (3 hours)
    • Define your expectations clearly
    • Develop the “Pull” action to create the “and then some” attitude
    • Understanding “time management” as a minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day process
    • Developing a measurable plan of accountability for you and those you are leading!

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