Hospitality and Customer Service

Hospitality and Customer Service
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CsSeminars Workshop

Purpose: This series is designed to enlighten, educate, entertain, and inspire the participants to take POSITIVE ACTION!

  1. The Individual
    • Self esteem or Self worth – What is the difference?
    • Discovering the “real you”
    • Accepting responsibility for the “real you”
    • How to use stress for positive personal growth
    • Expanding your energy levels and creating more than you thought
  2. The Co-Worker
    • Making the “I am a team player” decision
    • Be a positive giver instead of a used and abused giver
    • Forgiving and its role in the team concept
    • Determination as a source of positive power
    • Developing the art of flexibility
    • Organization and direction (turning problems into challenges and being a solution provider)
  3. The Customer
    • Blending stage one and two to provide a catalyst for stage three
    • Hospitality is more than a smile – it is an attitude!
    • Attitude is contagious – Make sure yours is worth catching!
    • Hospitality / Customer service – meeting and exceeding customer expectations
    • Just what does our customer / guest expect?
    • The seven guest expectations
    • It is not WHAT YOU are it is what THEY THINK you are!
    • The five things customers fear most
    • Seeing problems as opportunities
    • Preparing for the challenge of tomorrow’s customer
    • Developing your communication skills
    • Action items to increase your teams “Positive happy attitude”
    • Reaping the rewards!

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