Personal Coaching / Life Skills

Personal Coaching and Life Skills
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CsSeminars Life Coaching – One on One

  1. Phase 1
    • Complete the People Skills Questionnaire
    • What is motivation? What is inspiration? and knowing when to use each
    • The discovery process. Responsibility and Ownership. What is the depth of your resolve? Find your Purpose – Caring more for your fellow employees and clients then they do.
    • Turning your problems into opportunities therefore creating a “Positive Energy Flow”
    • Adjusting and Stepping Up to becoming devoted to the process
  2. Phase 2: An engaging, hands on activity, where each participant will receive a binder of reference materials and work to be completed outside of the coaching session.
    • Developing and understanding your verbal skills
    • Developing and understanding your written skills
    • Conflict management as a tool
    • Learn to negotiate up! (making the best better)
  3. Phase 3: One 2 hour meeting each month for 4 months accompanied by a weekly communication with the participants for encouragement and continuity of the process.
    • Begin the process of managing your time
    • What is time?
    • Prioritizing your life
    • Learning to celebrate
  4. Phase 4: Participants will discover their assets, expertise, and positive inner values and then work on investing these in order to multiply the rewards!
    • Define your expectations clearly (personal vision statement)
    • Learning the process of personal goal setting and making it work
    • Creating a plan of achievement (invest, focus, ownership, passion, devotion) Developing your personal mission statement.
    • Becoming accountable – Inspect your Expect!

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